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Mission Statement

Our mission statement is run England Kabaddi Federation (UK) to the highest possible standards in a professional manner and with the utmost integrity. We aim to ensure that our affiliated Clubs will always:-

  • Behave with the utmost good faith, integrity and honesty to each other, do not unjustly criticise or disparage one another and maintain confidence.
  • Will comply with the laws of the game and take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Manager, his staff and Players accept and observe the authority and decisions of Match Officials at all times.
  • Follow England Kabaddi Federation (UK) Rules not only to the letter but also to their spirit, and will ensure that our Clubs and Officials are fully aware of such rules and that we have effective procedures to implement the same.
  • Will respect the contractual obligations and responsibilities of each other’s employees and not seek to breach these or to make illegal approaches.
  • Will discharge their financial responsibilities and obligations to each other promptly and fully and not seek to avoid them.
  • Will seek to resolve differences between each other without recourse to Courts unless absolutely necessary.
  • No officer will enter directly or indirectly into profitable business with the EKF or any other body associated to the EKF
The general Aims and Objectives of the EKF are as follows:
  1. To promote Circle Style Kabaddi and Indian National Style Kabbadi (which shall collectively hereinafter be referred to as “Kabaddi”) amongst all individuals of all religions, sexes, races, ethnic backgrounds and ages in the United Kingdom.
  2. To ensure the smooth and fair management of Kabaddi in the United Kingdom by framing and regularly updating Disciplinary and the Resolution of Disputes Policy, Competition Rules, Game Rules, Anti Doping Policy, Anti Discrimination Policy and the Fees for the following:-
    1. conduct of tournaments and competitions
    2. conduct of officials
    3. control of performance enhancing drugs
    4. conduct of affiliated clubs conduct of members of the Affiliated Clubs to raise funds to ensure long term and short term economical viability and survival
  3. To organize and manage tournaments of the sport of Kabaddi in the United Kingdom.
  4. Toencourage and promote social integration amongst different communities in the United Kingdom.
  5. To provide facilities for training of Kabaddi and whenever possible at its sole discretion to render financial assistance to organisations and Affiliated Clubs for the promotion of Kabaddi in the United Kingdom and abroad.
  6. To diffuse useful knowledge and techniques in Kabaddi by publishing literature.
  7. To organise National and International matches in Kabaddi game in and outside the United Kingdom to promote and popularise the game of Kabaddi.
  8. To decide any disputes that may arise within Affiliated Clubs or between one Affiliated Clubs and another.
  9. To enforce fines, suspensions or other penalties legally and reasonably imposed by the EKF or another organisation to which the EKF is affiliated on the Players, Affiliated Clubs, Officials or any other body or individual.
  10. To stimulate interest in the Kabaddi game through exhibitions and demonstrations both in UK and abroad.
  11. To inculcate and teach Olympic spirit and motto.
  12. To raise finances for the promotion of Kabaddi.
  13. To do generally all such acts as may be necessary to further the interests of the EKF and Kabaddi.

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